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The Depot St. Streetscape Project Begins!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I’m pleased to report that we have heard from Greeneville Water Commission’s contractor and our contractors that they are planning to begin work on the project next Monday, October 25th! That means traffic control signage went up this week as they prepared the worksite and we will have much more information coming soon including maps, maps, and more maps (see below). We’ll be rolling out information on parking, road closures, and more.

In the meantime, know that Portland Utilities (GWC’s contractor) is planning to begin with the closure of Depot Street between Irish Street and Main Street (not including the intersections) next Monday, October 25th. Sidewalks will be open and will remain accessible to the public, though minor disruptions with alternate routes should be expected for utility work as things progress.

As Portland Utilities begin their work, expect some disturbances to water service near the project site. We will send out notifications regarding disturbances in services via text. If you’d like to ensure you receive text notifications, please sign up for them by texting the word "greeneville" to the number 313131. Our goal is to keep the general public informed of the project as things progress..

This is an exciting step as we begin this project!


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