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07.27.2023 - Construction Update

Work zones have not changed but our crews have progressed work significantly. Depot Street between Irish Street and Main Street will remain closed to vehicular traffic in preparation for the closure of the intersection of Main Street. Due to the inability to create a turnaround on that block, this closure will remain in place until the intersection of Main Street and Depot Street is complete. Check out the videos below for a current look at the mostly completed blocks and the active construction on East Depot Street.

Depot Street between Irish Street and Main Street: Remains closed to vehicular traffic. This block is mostly complete but will remain closed until the intersection at Main Street is complete.

Depot Street between Main Street and College Street: This block remains closed as our crews pour concrete for the sidewalks, curb, and gutter. It is our intention to continue working from the bottom of the hill, near College Street, up to the intersection at Main Street. Check out the progress that his been made in this area:

Intersection of College Street at Depot Street/Academy Street: This intersection is well on it's way to being reopened in the coming weeks. Please utilize Main Street as a detour. Parking lots on Academy Street will be accessible from Church Street and the businesses between Main Street and College Street on Depot Street will be accessible from Main Street.

A lot of work has gone into this project so far and we hope you're enjoying walking along the new sidewalks and driving down the accessible areas of Depot Street. We're excited for this project to be complete. Please join us on August 19th at the block between Irish Street and Main Street for a celebration of the completed work. There are organizations that are planning events on Depot Street for the Fall and we can't wait to see you out there. Here's a look at the entire project from the vantage point of East Depot Street:

As always, please utilize the "Questions?" tab on this website to submit a form with any questions or comments you may have about the project. We hope you enjoyed this update and that it was informative but would also appreciate your feedback. We reply directly to those submissions and would love to hear from you.

**Regarding text messages – Due to new legislation that controls mass texting capabilities, we’re no longer allowed to use the 313131 number. Don’t worry though! You’ll now be receiving project texts from 423.820.0404. So, please save this number into your phone to ensure you’re receiving project updates via text. Anyone can still sign up for the text message system by texting “greeneville” to 423.820.0404.**


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