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Happy New Year! 01.05.22 Update

We hope you all had a festive holiday season and a happy new year! Our crews have continued to make progress on Depot Street. Here's some pics and a video from the culvert where the roadway has been removed and Summers & Taylor has started to excavate the area in the bedrock where a gas line will be buried and protected while the new culvert is built back before the street level renovations. They used an Excavator with a grinding bit called a Rock and Concrete Grinder attached to the arm, pictured below, for the trench excavation. Check out the video of it grinding away that bedrock!

Currently and in the coming weeks, you'll notice that the construction work zones have shifted as things have progressed, as laid out in our previous post. Please refer to the map displayed below for the current work zone status within the larger construction zone. Remember, our local businesses will remain accessible to pedestrian traffic at all times and there is plenty of parking nearby to still show up and support our downtown business.


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