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08.03.22 - Construction Update

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

(This work on Irish Street has now been completed)**Tomorrow, August 4th, Irish Street near Depot Street will be closed while our crews install a conduit crossing. We will send out a text notification when the work is complete and the street has reopened.

  • Our stormwater crews continue to work on the installation of the stormwater drain system on Depot Street between Cutler Street and Irish Street. This work zone is a lane closure mostly on the south side of the road. Please proceed with caution through this partial closure. The Federal Courthouse and the Post Office will remain accessible from the Cutler Street side of the block.

  • Depot Street between Irish Street and Main Street will remain closed as crews continue on with the installation of the foundations for the lighting. The new communication and electrical conduit has been completely installed since our last update. Grading will also continue in preparation for concrete crews to begin their work. Silva Cell installation will also begin in this work zone this week. No disruption of utility services is expected during these installations.

    • Irish St Closure - On Thursday, August 4th, Irish Street will be closed to allow for conduit installation crossing the street. We will send out a text notification when this work has been completed.

  • Depot Street between Main Street and College Street is now open to local traffic only. The intersection of College Street and Depot Street is open. Academy Street is also open and accessible. Please use caution while accessing this area.

Here's a drone video of the current state of a large portion of the project, featuring Depot Street from Main Street with a view all the way to the railroad tracks at the end of the clip.

Something that we've been mentioning recently is Silva Cells and Silva Cell Installation. We are aware that not everyone is versed in the types of materials and methods used for modern construction. So, we'd like to help educate our community in an effort to continue to understand our project better. We hope that this helps and allows you to have pride in speaking about this fantastic project for years to come, knowing that the most cutting-edge technology is being utilized to make this a space our community will enjoy for decades to come.

Have questions about the content presented in this post? Find yourself wondering about something you've seen in a work zone?

As always, please utilize the "Questions?" tab on this website and submit the form with any questions you may have about the project. We hope you enjoyed this update and that it was informative but would also appreciate your feedback. We reply directly to those submissions and would love to hear from you. Have a great day!


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