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05.06.2022 - Construction Update

Upcoming and current closures include the following:

  • Starting next Tuesday, May 10, Summers & Taylor (S/T) will be closing down the intersection of Irish Street and W Depot Street to continue connecting the new stormwater system. There are a bunch of structures that will be installed in this intersection. So, expect this closure to be active until June 1st. The Federal Courthouse and the Post Office will remain accessible from the other side of the block at Cutler Street. Greeneville City Schools, be aware that there may be times when the exit to your parking lot is blocked but accommodations will be made to ensure your employees can exit when needed. Please proceed with caution around this new closure.

  • W Depot Street between Irish Street and Main Street will remain closed as other crews continue on with the installation of the new communication and electrical conduit, as well as finishing up installation of the water main on the South side of the street, before concrete crews follow up behind them.

  • E Depot Street on the West side of College Street at the culvert will remain closed as S/T continues to backfill around the culvert and install the new stormwater/utilities systems.

  • The intersection of E Depot Street and College Street has been reopened.

  • Academy Street will remain closed while the Greeneville Water Commission continues with their work outside of our project area. The parking lots for Greeneville Light & Power, Andrew Johnson National Historic Site, and the Greene County Partnership are accessible by entering Academy Street from E Church Street.

Leading up to the Iris Festival on May 21-22, you’ll notice crews preparing by placing large steel plates over areas and securing walkways to accommodate the festival. All contractors and entities involved in work at the East end of the project are aware of the upcoming festival and our plan is to stop whatever work is going on before the festival, ensuring the work zones are safe for festival-goers, and then resuming normal work after the festival.


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