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04.14.2022 Construction Update

The first things to notice with the most recent developments in the work zones are the following:

  • Reopening of W Depot Street down between Cutler Street and Loretta Street. The Greeneville Water Commission's contractors have completed the water work they were doing down in that area and that block has been reopened completely.

  • Closure of the intersection at College Street and Depot Street for The GWC's contractors to complete water line work in that area for the next couple weeks. During normal working hours, the intersection is closed to thru traffic. Barricades and detour signage is present at N College Street and Academy Street where they run into E Church Street, as well as on S College Street where it runs into E Summer Street. This area is still open to local traffic but please proceed with caution.

W Depot Street between Irish Street and Main Street is currently still barricaded to vehicular traffic as Summers & Taylor (S/T) has begun storm drain installation. We’ve received the materials that were delayed and work will begin to pick up as they dig further on Depot Street towards Irish Street. Expect barricades to creep up the block in the coming weeks as S/T digs and places more stormwater piping in the ground. Please proceed with caution, park nearby to access businesses.

Summers & Taylor have made great progress on the culvert over Richland Creek. They construction of the culvert has been completed. They’ve back-filled around the culvert and will be putting the brick back into place as crews begin laying the storm and sewer. This area starts just after Reeve’s Alley and goes to College St. There is still a barricade at E Depot Street and Main Street to stop thru traffic from accessing this block from that end but local traffic is still able to pull into the block. See the video below to see progress on the completed culvert.

Another win for the project, the Comcast cable that runs above the intersection of College Street and E Depot Street and over the Andrew Johnson stature (Seen in the video above) to the jail is now going to be changed over to and underground line that will run through the pipe that was installed onto the top of the culvert.


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