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02.18.2022 - Construction Update

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

On Depot Street to the West of College Street, the culvert construction progresses. Summers and Taylor has been pumping the water from Richland Creek over and around the work site to allow them to demolish the old culvert and pour the new culvert into place. Currently, they have demolished the northern side of the culvert and have already poured the northern side's foundation, walls, deck, and started the wing walls. Below, you can see pictures of the structure from above and down in the creek from last week when the walls were being poured. Once the northern side is complete, the crew will pivot and begin demolishing and rebuilding the southern side. They do it this way to allow for a platform that helps them cross Richland Creek while they work on one side and then using the newly built deck for the same purpose while they complete the remaining half.

Summers and Taylor has now also begun closing back down Depot Street between Main Street and Irish Street and mobilizing to begin storm drain installation on that block. This block will remain closed until it is completed but the sidewalks will remain open to pedestrian traffic throughout the process. Our crews have been instructed to maintain pedestrian access throughout the project and we encourage you to plan ahead, check parking maps, and be cautious while making your way to visit and support your favorite Downtown Greeneville businesses. Even though Depot Street is under construction, our Depot Street businesses are open and would love to see you! Weather-permitting and barring any major issues, we plan on having this first block completed by mid-summer for everyone to enjoy. As always, please use caution while moving around the work zones.

Below you can see some of the equipment that Summers & Taylor will be mobilizing to begin storm drain installation on Depot Street between Main Street and Irish Street.


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