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01.14.22 - Construction Update

Demolition on the culvert on Depot Street near College Street continues. They have finished burying the gas line under Richland Creek and will continue with further demolition of the culvert before rebuilding it to prep the area for the new and improved roadway and utilities that are planned to be installed. Reeve's Alley and Court House Alley are still accessible to local traffic on Depot Street via the College Street side.

Academy Street has been reopened, as of today, after the Greeneville Water Commission finished the pipe bursting required to replace the gravity sewer lines with expedience and minor disruption at the surface. Here's a video that explains this Pipe Bursting Technique. We use this technique because it is cost effective, faster than having to dig up and replace the lines, and allows for as little disturbance as possible at the ground level. It requires much less digging to get the job done.

As you can see in the map above, Depot Street is much more accessible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic with the current work zone closures. The biggest change this week is the shift to the main work zone closure on Cutler Street from Summer Street to Church Street. Only the intersection at Cutler Street/Depot Street will be closed. The intersections at Cutler Street/Summer Street and Cutler Street/Church Street will remain open. So please use them to circumvent the closure.

Otherwise, please remember that our local businesses along Depot Street are open and ready to offer you fantastic goods and services. Check out the parking map to plan ahead, park nearby, and enjoy everything Downtown Greeneville has to offer. DEPOT STREET IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! We look forward to seeing you down there.

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